Enhance Your Preparedness with the CM-7M Military Gas Mask

The CM-7M Military Gas Mask is an essential tool for anyone who wants to be prepared for unexpected emergencies. It is designed to protect your respiratory system from harmful chemicals and gases that may be released during a natural disaster or terrorist attack. The mask is made of high-quality materials and has a comfortable fit that allows you to wear it for extended periods. With the CM-7M Military Gas Mask, you can breathe easy knowing that you are prepared for any situation that may arise.


A military-grade gas mask is an essential piece of gear for anyone who lives in a city, at risk of natural disasters, or plans on being a first responder during the upcoming SHTF. It will protect you from a variety of threats, including terrorist attacks using weaponized viruses or bombs, as well as airborne dangers like acid fumes and other toxic chemicals that are found in industrial manufacturing.

The CM-7M military gas mask from MIRA Safety is designed with the on-field user in mind and provides excellent comfort. It features an innovative sweat drainage system that prevents the air in the facepiece from becoming too hot, and it also includes a drinking system for safe drinking water even in contaminated areas. Additionally, the CM-7M has an integrated cooling system that keeps the rubber parts of the facepiece cool and free from cracking or discoloration.

With its advanced CBRN defense, the CM-7M is the perfect choice for first responders, security personnel, or any other on-field user. The facepiece is made from bromobutyl rubber and offers extraordinary protection against all known chemical warfare agents, as well as biological, nuclear, radiological, and industrial chemical agents. The mask is tactically compatible with other gear, including a tapered design that allows for cheek weld on rifles and a recessed binocular visor that accommodates red dot sighting systems and night vision optics.

In addition, the CM-7M military gas mask is easy to wear and fits perfectly on most users, even with eyeglasses. The padded, comfortable inner construction reduces carbon dioxide content and prevents fogging for all-day wear. It is also incredibly durable, making it suitable for rugged use in all weather conditions and environments.

Moreover, the CM-7M military gas mask has a long service life and can be used for more than 20 years if it is stored properly. It is a great option for people who want to add a high-quality, military-grade gas mask to their preparedness arsenal and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing they have an invaluable tool in the event of a catastrophic emergency or disaster.


The CM-7M military gas mask has many features that make it one of today’s best CBRN defense systems. Its inner lining of rubberized bromobutyl material gives it superior resistance to weaponized chemical warfare agents. It also prevents contact with exhaled air, which would cause fogging on the visor – a big deal in combat situations. This full-face mask also has a high-quality speech diaphragm that makes communication easier without the use of communication devices.

Designed to withstand long-term wear and weather conditions, this CBRN gas mask is comfortable enough for all-day use. Its inner mask has a comfortable hypoallergenic design that reduces carbon dioxide content and prevents fogging, even under hard use. Additionally, its visor has a wide-angle view that helps you better orient in the surrounding environment.

An additional standout feature that elevates this gas mask's suitability for CBRN situations is its integrated drinking system. It includes a 900ml canteen, making it effortless to stay hydrated during extended periods of mask usage. Furthermore, it boasts compatibility with a range of NATO filters, empowering you to select the level of protection that precisely aligns with your specific requirements. When considering your purchase, explore the potential discounts and savings with Accessories Promo Code.

In addition to the filter and drinking system, this gas mask also has a pair of eyeglasses built into it. This can be useful for those who need to wear prescription glasses when using the gas mask.

As a final note, this is an imported product. It’s made by a reputable company (CZ, which is known to produce high-quality firearms) and meets strict Czech military standards. It’s also affordable, making it an excellent choice for those who want to prepare for a possible terrorist attack or other disaster scenario.

As with any military-grade equipment, it’s important to store your CM-7M gas mask appropriately to prolong its lifespan. Ideally, you should keep it in a cool and dark place that’s free from sudden temperature changes. You should also avoid storing it with fuels, solvents, lubricants, or any other inflammable substances. Finally, you should also regularly ventilate the storage room.

Ease of Use

The CM-7M military gas mask features a robust design that is easy to use. Its low breathing resistance and pre-installed hydration system ensure that users remain comfortable while wearing it for extended periods. Furthermore, the CM-7M’s special filter takes user safety to another level by converting perilous carbon monoxide (CO) into far less dangerous carbon dioxide (CO2). The CO conversion process can last up to 15 crucial minutes and allows users ample time to evacuate from potentially hazardous areas.

The breathable bromobutyl rubber that makes up the mask’s facepiece provides unsurpassed protection against CBRN agents and industrial toxic gases. It also offers a high degree of resistance to radiological and nuclear fallout. In fact, there’s not much that this mask and its compatible filters won’t block out—a very useful trait in the event of an emergency or disaster scenario.

Furthermore, the CM-7M’s dual visor system gifts superior depth perception when used in conjunction with military-grade optics. This feature helps shooters maintain target focus even while using their eyes through the mask. The visors also have a contour above the inhalation valve to facilitate a more precise cheek weld when shooting.

Similarly, the CM-7M’s built-in airflow system redirects air away from the mask visor, which helps prevent fogging and maintains clear vision in all conditions. The mask can be easily cleaned, ensuring that it is always ready to protect users from airborne contaminants.

The CM-7M stands out for its robust construction and user-friendly design, making it the perfect choice for preppers seeking readiness for a wide range of crisis scenarios. Be it a bioterrorist threat, chemical hazard, or nuclear emergency, this mask, along with its compatible filters, is a dependable safety solution. Designed for a service life of 20 years or more when stored correctly, the CM-7M proves to be a prudent and trustworthy addition to any survival kit. For savvy shopping in Canada, explore the savings offered by MIRA Safety Discount Code Canada.


Even if you don't live in an area at risk of a dirty bomb or weaponized virus, natural disasters can stir up all sorts of contaminants in the air. Whether from earthquakes, wildfires, or just building fires, a gas mask is something everyone should have at the ready. This CM-7M military gas mask uses advanced CBRN defense technology to provide unparalleled protection, making it the perfect choice for anyone interested in preparing for emergencies.

The bromobutyl rubber facepiece on this military-grade gas mask offers extraordinary protection against a wide range of CBRN agents and toxic industrial chemicals in the form of gases, vapors, and aerosols. It also provides substantial resistance to biological contaminants and radiological/nuclear fallout, as well as acid fumes associated with industrial manufacturing.

While other CBRN gas masks may offer similar protection, this one sets itself apart from the competition with an assortment of additional features that make it easier and more comfortable to wear for extended periods. Its sweat drainage system stops the buildup of moisture on the bottom of the mask, and it includes a high-quality speech diaphragm that enables clear communication. In addition, its visor has dedicated eye holes for use with optics and rifle iron sights, and it can be mounted with NATO-standard filters on either side of the mask (not included) to make it easier to aim a gun right or left-handed.

This military-grade CBRN gas mask has been meticulously crafted for enduring use in diverse weather conditions and is fully customizable with its 5-point rubber textile head harness. Its inner mask is thoughtfully designed for comfort, featuring hypoallergenic construction that minimizes carbon dioxide buildup and prevents fogging, ensuring day-long comfort. This gas mask is compatible with filters using Rd 40 x 1/7'' threads and proudly adheres to EN 136 and EN 148-1 standards, providing top-notch CBRN defense. While making your purchase, explore potential discounts and savings with Coupon Rie Promo Codes.

This full-face CBRN military gas mask is easy to size, allowing you to know that it's the correct fit if you perform a negative pressure test by blocking the inhalation valve and taking a deep breath. It also seals tightly to the face without any leakage, making it suitable for most adults.


The CM-7M Military Gas Mask is a top-of-the-line protective gear that can enhance your preparedness in a variety of situations. Whether you're dealing with chemical, biological, or nuclear emergencies, this gas mask provides superior protection for your respiratory system. With its comfortable design, durable construction, and advanced filtering technology, the CM-7M is a reliable choice for anyone who values safety and preparedness. Invest in one today and gain peace of mind knowing you're ready for anything.