The Best Essential Pet Tech and Gadgets for Every Pet Owner

Every pet owner wants to keep their furry friends safe, happy, and healthy. Luckily, there are a variety of smart dog tech and gadgets on the market that can help you do just that.

From GPS trackers to automatic feeders and even a pet vacuum, these devices make life with dogs easier than ever. They can also help you save time and money by automating some of your pet's everyday tasks.

PetFon GPS Tracker

PetFon is a tracking device that allows you to track the whereabouts of your pet. It is easy to install and offers a wide range of features, including real-time and long-distance tracking. It also helps you set boundaries and check activity records.

It is designed with the needs of a pet owner in mind, so it's made with advanced technology that can resist water and dust. In addition to that, it's lightweight and durable, so it can be worn comfortably.

The PetFon Tracker is easy to use and has a high-performance wireless chip that can track your pet in urban areas for up to 0.65 miles and in open environments for up to 3.5 miles. It also has a battery that lasts 8 hours.

One of the best features of the PetFon GPS Tracker is its ability to detect if your dog is near danger. Its virtual geofencing feature lets you define safe zones, and it will send you an alert if your dog leaves those areas.

In addition to that, it has a built-in night light and voice commands for you to set commands to communicate with your pet remotely. It also has a power save mode that extends the battery life.

The PetFon GPS Tracker is available in a variety of colors and is a sleek, modern-looking device that you can use to keep your pet secure. It comes with two modules: a tracker and a control terminal. The tracker is small, lightweight, and easily attaches to your pet's collar.

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Whistle(TM) Activity Tracker

Whether it's a sneaky escape or a stroll with your dog walker, get notified when your pet leaves a designated safe place.

It can be hard to know where your pet is at all times. Even if you have them on a leash, dogs and cats are constantly moving around.

With the Whistle(TM) Activity Tracker, you can keep an eye on your pet's location and activity 24/7. It also provides insights about your pet's habits, including their scratching and licking patterns, so you can address any problems before they become full-blown health issues.

Another cool feature of the Whistle(TM) Activity tracker is its ability to compare your dog's activity levels with those of other similar pets in their age and size group. It will give you a good idea of how much exercise your dog needs to stay healthy and happy.

The device is also designed to help you understand your dog's diet, which is important for skin and coat health. It's a great way to spot any signs of an allergy or a skin issue before they become a bigger problem.

While the Whistle(TM) Activity is a little more expensive than some of its competitors, it's a smart investment for pet owners who want to stay informed about their pets' health. Its features and perks are more than worth the price.

CleverPet Hub

The CleverPet Hub is a Wi-Fi-connected dog game console that challenges dogs to solve puzzles featuring lights, sounds, and touch pads. It automatically rewards pets with food based on their success, and it adapts as dogs get better at the games.

Developed by neuroscientists and behavioral experts, the Hub is designed to stimulate dogs’ brains through cognitive challenges that keep them busy and curious. The device uses a cloud-based analysis to constantly adjust its difficulty level and interaction patterns.

A companion app lets owners monitor their pets’ progress and customize games remotely. Users can also control the food dispenser and adjust the light brightness levels.

CleverPet’s creators, Triton Trottier and David Knudsen combine their backgrounds in behavioral science and neuroscience with their engineering expertise to create a device that engages your pet and releases its full potential. Their product has received a tremendous amount of attention, including a CES Launchit ShowStoppers award and an appearance on the Today Show.

With its sleek white design and no-nonsense paw print graphics, the Hub won’t look out of place in your living room or kitchen. It’s also sturdy and durable, making it a good choice for long-term use.

The Hub is currently available for $349. It comes with a programmable microcontroller, the Photon, as well as the HubInterface class that lets you control the Hub’s lights and food pod. If you have a Microcontroller and a Photon, you can access the Hub’s API via Hackerpet to develop new games for your pet or even build a whole new Hub with a few clicks.

There are a whole lot of gadgets that help you to care for your pets better. From treat dispensers that are smart enough to remember your dog's dietary requirements, to cameras that let you communicate with them, these gadgets can make life easier for you and your pups. If you want to save huge money on your next purchase, you can use the Pet Promo Code.

Pet Cam

A pet camera is a crucial tool for keeping an eye on your dog or cat while you're gone. The best ones come with features like motion and sound detection, smartphone remote viewing and control, two-way audio, night vision, and treat dispensers.

The most important thing to consider when choosing a pet camera is its quality. Make sure to choose one with a high-resolution camera that can capture clear images in low light. It should also have an adjustable digital zoom and panning capability for a closer look at your pet.

Some pet cams also feature video recording capabilities, allowing you to capture footage to watch later. This feature is especially useful for keeping a dog diary or watching security footage while you’re on the go.

Most pet cameras connect to your home Wi-Fi network so that you can check them on a smartphone app or computer while you’re away. Be sure to choose a model that connects quickly and easily, so you can stay on top of your furry friend from anywhere in the world.

You can condition your pet to recognize the Pet Cam by showing them where it is and dispensing treats (if it has that feature). It may take time, but it will be worth it! Place it in a safe spot and experiment with various ways to condition your dog or cat to respond to it, including ringtones and two-way communication.

Whistle Fit Collar

If you’re looking for a pet tracker that can help you keep tabs on your dog’s health, the Whistle Fit Collar is a good option. It’s designed to give you a full picture of your pet’s health by tracking and translating activity, behavior, location, and wellness.

The device uses WiFi and cellular coverage from AT&T to pinpoint your pet’s location, and it will notify you via text, email, or an app alert when they escape their designated safe zone. When in a safe zone, the Whistle Fit collar has a power-saving mode that makes it turn off to conserve battery life.

It also includes a health monitoring section that tracks your dog’s licking, scratching, drinking, and eating habits to see if anything looks out of place. This information can help you determine if they’re at risk for any health issues, like allergies or infections.

This activity-tracking section also allows you to set a physical activity goal that’s based on your pup’s age, breed, and weight. This way, you can make sure they’re getting the right amount of exercise to stay in shape.

It also keeps track of your dog’s rest periods, so you can monitor how much sleep they get. This feature is especially important if your dog has a medical condition that affects their sleep patterns, like diabetes or hyperthyroidism.

Automated Ball Launcher

If you’re a dog owner that is tired of throwing the same ball for your pet over and over again, you might be interested in an automated ball launcher. These devices are a great way to help your pet exercise their muscles and spend time with you without the added stress of throwing the ball by hand.

The iFetch Automatic Ball Launcher is an interactive device that can be used indoors or outdoors. It has a variety of distances and angles for tossing balls, as well as training sounds that encourage your dog to play. It is also silent and easy to clean.

It also has a hopper where your dog can fetch the ball after it is launched. This will help your dog train itself to put the ball back into the launcher and wait for it to be thrown again, which can be a lot of fun.

This launcher also has safety features such as a motion sensor that keeps your dog from being injured and a rest mode that will give them 15 minutes of sleep after 30 minutes of playtime.

This automatic ball launcher is a great choice for small and medium-sized dogs, but make sure you choose the right size of balls. Choosing the wrong size can be very dangerous and can even result in death for your dog if they choke on it.


If you have a dog or cat, a pet camera is an essential tool to keep tabs on them while you’re away. If you’re looking for a pet tracker that can help you keep tabs on your dog’s health, the whistle-fit collar is a good option. If you’re a dog owner that is tired of throwing the same ball for your pet over and over again, you might be interested in an automated ball launcher.