Trendy Mens Outfits for Urban Fashionistas

Are you a fashion-forward guy who loves to keep up with modern trends but prefers to give them your twist? If so, men's urban style has your name written all over it.

Pair a casual blazer with ripped jeans and a simple white t-shirt for an easy clubbing outfit. Complete the look with a pair of combat boots, biker boots, or a Chelsea boot with metal accents.

Sporty Casual

There’s nothing wrong with a touch of smart casual in your outfits, but it is important to know how to pull off the look without going overboard. Smart casual is all about mixing formal pieces with casual styles to create a chic outfit that’s comfortable and easy to wear. The key is to dilute the formality of your clothing by adding texture, softness, or a more relaxed fit. The good news is that there are lots of great options available to you. For example, a striped Breton shirt could be worn with a utility jacket or a denim vest. Flats with a more athletic tread could replace loafers, and a trench coat would look great over jeans and jogger pants.

You can also look to fresh trends for ideas on how to blend smart casual with sporty looks. For example, bike shorts can be worn with a corduroy jacket to add a cool and casual vibe to an otherwise smart outfit. Converse shoes are another great way to add a touch of casual style to your outfits.

You can even take a style cue from Drake’s, a menswear brand that’s known for its Ivy League-inspired tailoring. You’ll often find Drake’s clothes paired with jeans and t-shirts for a casual yet sophisticated outfit that’s perfect for the office or the weekend.

Denim on Denim

One of the most adaptable materials is denim. It comes in all shapes and sizes, from maxi to mini, and it also comes in a wide range of colors and finishes. But the best thing about denim is that it can be worn with almost anything!

A double-denim outfit is perfect for casual days. You can combine a light-wash jacket and dark jeans with a tube top to create a trendy look. Or, for a more sophisticated take on the trend, you can wear a tailored jean jacket with a denim skirt or midi skirt. To complete the look, add a pair of sleek shoes or boots.

While some men may be a little intimidated by this fashion comeback, it's quite easy to master. The key is to choose contrasting denim shades and mix in a touch of color. For example, you can combine a long denim trench with baggy jeans and a black sweater for a cool, laid-back outfit. Or, you can try mixing a denim blazer with slim ripped jeans and a brightly colored top for a fresh outfit that's sure to turn heads.

Don’t forget to finish the look with a stylish hat, available with Urban Outfitters Coupon. A beanie, dad hat, or baseball cap will elevate your outfit and give it an even more rugged, cool vibe. And if you don't want to risk a bad denim outfit, you can always opt for an elegant leather jacket instead! Explore these trendy accessories and more at Urban Outfitters with the added benefit of Urban Outfitters Coupon for exclusive savings on your stylish winter ensemble 

Black and White Formal

Men's fashion trends have been embracing street style lately. But, while many men still struggle to pull off this style, others have already nailed it with a bang. They have been seen sporting casual attire in bold colors, including black and white formal outfits.

This is the perfect look if you're looking to give your everyday style a chic makeover. You can pair a white blazer suit with a silk shirt and tan boots for a dressy, yet relaxed ensemble. The best part about this outfit is that it works for any occasion, from work to date night.

Another way to add a touch of street style to your formal outfit is by introducing the right accessories. You can use a black leather backpack to keep all your essentials in place while adding some extra edge to your look. Then, you can top off the look with a leather sling bag and a pair of statement sunglasses.

White dresses are the ultimate wardrobe staple, whether you opt for Jacquemus' summery mini or Loulou Studio's knit maxi for peak fall heat. When the temperature starts to dip, you can transition into colder weather with Theory's stark white oversized trench coat and suede ballet flats from Mango. Finish the monochromatic moment with a pair of sleek sunglasses from Tory Burch and a crossbody bag from DeMellier.

Cropped Trousers

It takes a lot to cause a stir in men’s fashion. What was once cool can sometimes be deemed “so last millennium” the next season, and it’s not uncommon for trends to ebb and flow in a few months. That said, men's trousers finishing a few inches above the masculine ankle have sent some guys into a sartorial tailspin.

If you’re the type to go with whatever the fashion crowd is doing, a pair of cropped trousers is one of the hottest men's outfit ideas you can try this year. The most important thing to remember with this look is that it’s all about balance. The trousers should be slim, especially towards the hem, and they should be paired with shoes that complement the trousers’ shape, such as heels or nice boots. If you’re a fan of sneakers, opt for leather ones or something with a stylish sole.

If you’re gung-ho on the trend, wear socks with this style – if not, you might look like you’re wading through a creek. Add a light jacket or blazer to give your outfit some structure, and don’t forget the accessories to complete the look. For example, a hat can elevate your look even more and provide a stylish contrast to the pants. You could try a beret, a dad hat with a colorful logo, or a classic baseball cap.

Cuban Collar Shirts

With its throwback feel, Cuban collar shirts have recently entered the mainstream, showing up on runways and the shoulders of celebrities at Glastonbury. It’s easy to see why: this versatile style is a great way to add a vintage-inspired touch to a smart casual outfit.

Whether it’s a floral print or a monochrome take-on stripes, look to the high street to find your perfect Cuban collar shirt. Uniqlo is a reliable choice for value basics, while this tailored slim-pressed linen number from Form&Thread will look stylish for years to come.

If you’re looking for a more relaxed summer look, check out this cotton shirt from Swedish brand Our Legacy. Its mother-of-pearl buttons and faded blue color will age beautifully, allowing you to build up its character as you wear it over time.

If you prefer something a little more understated, try this seersucker Cuban collar shirt from COS. The minimal Scandinavian label has a knack for designing wardrobe staples that never go out of style, and this piece is no exception. The lightweight fabric stretches well, so you can pair it with shorts or tailored linen trousers.

The smart-casual brand ISTO, available with Urban Outfitters Coupon, has taken note of the Cuban collar resurgence, and this shirt is one of its finest examples. The soft, breathable Tencel fabric holds prints and colors well, so you can experiment with tropical or watercolor patterns without overpowering your look. The slim cut also looks smart with a pair of skinny jeans and suede loafers. Explore this stylish shirt and more at Urban Outfitters with the added benefit of the Apparel & Clothing Coupons Code for exclusive savings on your fashion choices.

Knee Length Shorts

Men’s short lengths vary for different occasions and contexts, with longer styles favored in formal events. However, casualization has increased and shorter styles are acceptable in informal settings, especially when they are made from breathable materials and sporty fabrics. Khaki chino shorts are an excellent choice for such occasions, offering a stylish look and comfortable fit. Other styles to consider include solid colors with small-scale patterns and relaxed materials, perfect for beach and sports settings.

The knee-grazing jean shorts (AKA jorts) are back this summer, with retailers reporting a rise in sales and celebrities like Bella Hadid championing the longer-length style. The length is ideal for hot days, and the looser, oversized silhouette effortlessly pairs with simple tanks and comfy tees. The style is also available in a wide array of shades and finishes, including slouchy raw-edged versions for a more casual feel.

The popularity of the shorter style can be traced back to celebrity influencers, who promote their favored looks on social media and in public appearances. The trend has since caught on, and even those without celebrity status are opting for the shorter style. When choosing shorts, it is important to consider the length you want based on your body type and confidence level. Ideally, the length should fall between 2 inches above the knee and 5 to 7 inches below the knee, depending on your height. Men’s brands that offer an extensive selection of shorts include Topman, ASOS, Amazon Essentials, Bonobos, and J.Crew.


Trendy men's outfits for urban fashionistas are all about combining comfort and style. From tailored joggers to statement sneakers, and oversized blazers to graphic tees, there are countless ways to express your individuality in the city. To create a look that is uniquely you, don't be afraid to mix and match different colors, textures, and patterns. With the right attitude and a touch of confidence, you can rock any urban outfit with ease.